About Us

"A Woman who was once in the news, is now orchestrating the news!"
-Philadelphia Inquirer 2001

Ms. Oliver's realistic motto since she started her business: "Been there, done fat," describes most of Oliver's early life. A heavy child, heavy teen and ultimately a heavy adult, she experienced first hand the poor health, self destruction and low self-esteem that go along with being overweight. Traditional dieting didn't work; so 25+ years ago she took control of her own life and, using the knowledge she acquired through her education degree and science concentrate, formulated a healthy and enjoyable way of eating. With the meal plan she created, she lost 110 pounds in 14 months and has kept the weight off to this present day.

Her safe and educational weight loss program has been in operation since 1994 during which time Oliver has successfully helped tens of thousands of individuals lose weight while adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle. Combining her genuine passion for people with her science and education background, her knowledge of nutrition and her own personal experience, Oliver's objective is to educate the populace by providing healthy, accurate, researched information. Along with menu information on her Web site, www.bodytransformers.com, her site features health, wellness and nutrition tips. In addition to her exposure on the Web, she has been seen and heard on many radio and television shows-both locally and nationally with her innovative health/nutrition information and techniques. She has also appeared on various television news programs, including being featured during ratings months, and has appeared in several national magazines.

Oliver has lectured throughout the United States and worked actively with the Governor of Connecticut's Committee on Physical Fitness. Weight Loss With Humor© is her first published book, with book signings at Barnes & Noble. As well as a writer and host for "Fat to Fit" COX3, which made it's debut in April 2002. This show became "Healthy New England TV" in 2003 thru 2006. After resuming her consulting business in 2006, Oliver expanded her counseling to include individuals with extensive medical conditions. In 2008, Transformer Tea, Oliver's first nutritional product, was developed and marketed. Since the tea's successful local launch in the summer of 2008, the tea has continuously made the News as well as being a testimony to the importance of its health related benefits. From 2009 right up to 2016, Oliver continues to create and explore new projects every year, from THE LAZY DIET (one of her most popular meal plans, ever) to understanding and focusing on helping women with a wide spectrum of health issues and ailments, to developing teas that help to target in on all sorts of "body" issues. Working with physicians and their patients, many with Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, MS, Skin Diseases, Thyroid Disease, GI/IBS disorders and so much more! In her own words: "These past two decades have been truly invigorating, enlightening, informational and so very rewarding. I have been fortunate to have witnessed such beautiful transformation in people's lives".