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Hello! This is my FIRST blog ever! I am excited to be directing my energies in the direction of expanding

Creating ideas has always been a passion of mine. As a child I had a tremendous curiosity in the subject of science and living things. I remember at approximately 9 years of age making a daily visit to a small stream by our home. With a tiny circular pad and pencil, yes we used pencils during that era, I would go sit by the stream and write little notes of what I observed. From the lily of the valley flowers and buttercups to watching those fuzzy type caterpillars, that seemed to be everywhere back then. Nature opened the door.

 One day, to my surprise, I saw the most beautiful shiny and transparent pearl-like sacs that formed a cluster, floating in the stream. It lodged to the side of a grass cove in the water. I was captivated. I couldn?t wait to see if it was still there the next day. Sure enough I ran to the stream and it was there. I watched it for days, even bringing my little magnifying kit from the plastic toy doctor?s bag I had. Yes, I am seriously dating myself, as that was one of the coolest gifts you could receive back then! I began to notice little dark particles in those transparent sacs. They began to grow. Amazement took over my whole being. I couldn?t believe that something was alive and could grow in those sacs, especially in the water. Finally the day arrived and I actually witnessed a few of the sacs bursting open and watched, what I eventually found to be tadpoles, as they swam out. I remember running home so fast while shouting to the universe what I had witnessed. From that moment on a ?little scientist? was born?.