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The developers of Transformer Tea®, Pam Oliver and son Ryan, break through the boundaries of conventional green tea. Each tea formula contains powerful antioxidants which act as a catalyst to enrich the body with vitamins as well as maximize optimal health. Designed by a scientist, this multitasking tea works well with your body's nutrition and hydration (water/fluid) needs. There are so many benefits in green tea. Research suggests that it may help to: lower cholesterol, increase metabolism, boost immune system, nourish skin and hair, reduce bloating etc. Its biggest suggestion, is that it helps reduce BELLY FAT. All ingredients contained in Transformer Tea® are of the finest quality. Unlike most teas that are packaged in a tea bag, Transformer Tea® comes in a loose leaf green tea form which allows you to brew the tea exactly how YOU like it, and get its full benefits.


Our passion for Transformer Tea® comes from our passion for people. Through the years of weight-loss & nutritional counseling, clients have always complained about not being able to consume enough water daily. They were bored with it. Let's admit it, water is a key element for our bodies to function properly, but it's hard to drink the recommended 8 glasses per day. How do we get people to consume more water consistently and hydrate the body in an interesting way? We started by recommending green tea and diluting it with water. It was successful, but people complained about the taste of the loose leaf green tea. They thought it was too bitter. Even though most came to acquire the taste, we needed to do something to "tweak" the taste, so it would be pleasing to the palate. That's what we did. After many time consuming months of experimenting with the antioxidant combinations, we developed the tea formulas that will help hydrate the body with a kick of vitamin goodness. The vitamins were the added BONUS. Each tea is designed to help target specific body issues. The response has been overwhelming, and people are consuming the recommended servings per day and reaping the benefits. Whether served hot or iced, Transformer Tea® is a body healthy tea. Our motto: IMPROVING THE QUALI-TEA OF LIFE??.

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