THE LAZY DIET, healthy 15 day weight loss plan, is quick and easy to do. Requiring minimal effort ( thus how its name originated), it was created and copyrighted by nationally recognized health and weight loss expert Pam Oliver.

The most common complaints of individuals starting a weight loss plan is that they are TIRED of dieting, TIRED of counting calories, TIRED tired of lengthy food preparation and TIRED of spending lots of money on healthy `specialty foods`. The Lazy Diet conquers the little negatives that can cause havoc on a dieter's momentum.

There are 3 meals and 3 snacks per day. All meals are balanced, have variety and are easy to follow. The plan works well for people `on the run` who do not have the time to prepare an elaborate meal. Most meals can be prepared in 15 minutes or less, or can be purchased `pre-made` at the local supermarket. Examples include: tacos/burritos, 6" healthy subs, meatloaf, mac and cheese, chicken parmesan, Chinese food, and even an ice cream sandwich every other night!

The results of the participants have been extremely positive. Not only have they achieved weight loss, they have all commented on how their energy level increased and how easy the plan is to do. Average weight loss is 5 pounds the first week. Anticipated total weight loss for the 15 days is up to 9 pounds. It is a jump starter for people to get ready for summer. This diet will teach the individual immediately how to maintain weight loss and ensure safe and healthy eating habits over the long run.

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