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When we think of the word “exercise” how often do we roll our eyes and make a sound like an ARGH??  Do we go right to the negative aspect of the word? Sometimes, perhaps many times. Wouldn’t it be great to try to EMBRACE the word?  It’s difficult. We know it IS good for us to exercise, but there can be a hundred reasons WHY we procrastinate doing it.  We think about the TIME element it takes up in our day. Trying to SQUEEZE it into our daily routine, especially if you are a person who works all day or is away all day, or is busy all day, this can be challenging..  Then there is the element of SWEATING while you work out and that again requires more time management, as a shower, drying your hair, getting ready etc. requires MORE TIME.   Already just on the TIME end, it’s beginning to look like an EXCUSE is around the corner!  BUT, the benefits of exercising SO outweigh not exercising.

Here are just a few to consider:

1: Once you finish exercising you FEEL BETTER! You feel leaner and stronger.

2: It helps to relieve some mental stress/anxiety. Maybe you will be able to concentrate better during the rest of the day.

3: Sweating helps to relieve excess salts and toxins from the body. Thus, not feeling so bloated.

4: Helps muscle tone, when consistent, will help you get into your clothes with ease!

5: Helps to burn calories.

6: May improve heart health and lower cholesterol.

There are many more benefits of exercising….


A good way to start that may help you keep exercising consistently in your week:


1: Variety- Join a gym and work out there for a few days, and on in-between days take a walk around your neighborhood, or at the local school track, and if they don’t have a track, then perhaps there is a groomed sports field you can do laps around.  I have also found that instead of counting laps as 1, 2, 3, by counting them BACKWARDS 12, 11, 10, it seems like it gets you to your finish time in a better mindset.. Give it a try. The fresh air is invigorating too!


Final thought: Exercise not only works to help your body but may boost your brain activity at the same time.