Pam Oliver has been seen and heard on many radio and television shows; both locally and nationally. Pam has educated us about her innovative health/nutrition information and techniques. In addition, Pam has developed her own Transformer Tea® line. he has also appeared on various television News programs, including being featured during the months of “ratings,” and has appeared in several national magazines.

Radio guest writing daily “Body Transformer Body Tips sm” on WTIC 96.5 FM
Host of WCCC 106.9 Weight –loss challenge
“Weight Loss with Humor©“, 1st book published by Pam Oliver

“Book Signings” at Barnes and Noble stores
National TV appearance on show, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”.
Interviewed by Dr. Drew Pinsky National article appears in “First For Women” and “Women’s Own” magazines
2006 – 2010
Oliver’s consulting experience expands to clients with medical issues (Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Digestive problems, Skin problems-MRSA, Acne, Cancer and more)
Transformer Tea ® makes the news throughout the country. Overwhelming Response!
A medicinal tea!
Popular Plans Developed:The “2 Day” Diet The Cholesterol Diet

Most Popular Diet:
Makes news and stays popular for 2 years!

The Leftover Diet, A weight loss plan for those on a budget!


Develops food combo sheets to help MS and IBS patients


Creates "topics" for future podcasts, webinars, blogs etc.



1994 – 1999
BT Inc. opens it’s weight loss counseling center (one of the 1st in the country SAFE for children). Pam Oliver, consistant contributor to Hartford Courant with health tips, hundreds of articles and TV News appearances on major TV stations.
Body Transformers goes Internet – with Weight-Loss at Your Fingertips ®
(Makes national News throughout the United States).
2002 – 2005
TV Writer and Host of, “Fat to Fit” and “Healthy New England” (Cox Network). “Fat to Fit” becomes “Healthy New England.”
Lazy Diet rocks the country. Lazy Diet is a healthy way to eat fast foods and still lose weight! Transformer Tea ® developed – Oliver’s first product.
New for 2011
The Transformer Tea Diet ® (A 28 -day, healthy & easy weight loss diet that includes Transformer Tea ® – A unique tea blend that may help to burn BELLY FAT RAPIDLY)–Average weight loss 10-12 pounds in the first month.
Transformer Tea Announces Two New Teas.
Private Reserve–A Heart Healthy Brew!
Private Reserve Women’s Formula–Lessen Hormonal Issues!

Worked extensively at developing successful & health meal plans for Diabetes I & Diabetes II
Expanding the business with focus on WOMEN’S HEALTH ISSUES
Nutrition being a key role in the process