Welcome to Body Transformers® Inc.

Welcome to BodyTransformers.com. I am Pam Oliver, president and CEO. We are taking the business to new places and we are going to be discussing a cornucopia of ideas to help you be THE FINEST YOU. Through research, health field professionals and life experiences, we will be able to bring to you, lots of information that will finally help you EMBRACE who you are and how to achieve healthy goals to get ahead in your life. Many folks waste precious and valuable time because they have a weak support team around them. It is vital to have positive emotional support, as it can seriously and negatively affect our health. We only get one body. No trade ins. Your health is PRICELESS.

Body Transformers® Inc. has been transforming bodies since 1994. Back then, we were referred to as a first of its kind, safe weight-loss program for children to do, as well as teens and adults. Realistic food plans with 3 meals and 3 snacks per day, incorporated with a person's favorite foods, which kept them motivated to reach their weight-loss/health goals. We take the pressure off of traditional dieting and want you to RELAX and ENJOY the beauty of good food. We have heard that when you are good to your body, it is good to you. That is TRUE!

We are doing so much more than weight loss these days. We are reaching out to professionals in all fields that can contribute their knowledge to making our lives more productive. From health topics, to food topics, to cooking demos, to life issues, I invite you to join us on an exciting and vigorous adventure. Having our paths cross in a healthy way can be beneficial to us all. Take a deep breath and let's get started!